Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam


Adamantoise | Shirogane | Ward 21 | Plot 42


Silent Reign <<PRIDE>> is a newly formed Free Company in Adamantoise.

We cater to members that want to run content, roleplay, build their own character lore, and to socialize with fun and friendly people.

We have our own small FC house: THE CROWN & DAGGER, located in Shirogane; Plot 42 in the subdivision of Ward 21.

We are a SFW RP group. A fair number of our members and allies roleplay; although, roleplay is not a requirement to join our FC, but it is highly acceptable and encouraging.

Players that play on their mains and/or alts are more than welcome to join as members.

If you wish to join the Free Company, DM Lanora Alseif for more info on Discord after joining the server.


Far across the ocean from Eorzea, a small syndicate steadily grew...

Silent Reign serves as an exclusive Free Company recruiting and providing housing for adventurers, mercenaries, pirates, merchants, assassins, and even runaways looking for a discreet safehouse nestled in Shirogane.

The Crown & Dagger.

The Pride of Silent Reign

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Our headquarters is nestled in Shirogane.